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Hello and welcome to ShellWritten, where you can dig in to things that are well-written by Shell (my not so secret code name).  Pull up a chair.  Get comfy.

On this site, you will be able to get an inside look and sneak peak at my books, both current and upcoming, as well as pick up a few tricks of the trade, if you are also of a writing persuasion.

Featured is my debut novel, Greater Perspective, and you can acquire yours in PRINT or Kindle version on by clicking this link.  While you wait, learn about how it came to be, read an excerpt, “Like” it on Facebook, and…

There are 3 marvelous ways to get your Greater Perspective as an e-book:

1. If you have a Nook device or a Nook app for your phone or computer or iPad, what have you, you can sample or purchase the book directly through the Barnes & Noble web site by clicking THIS.
2.  If you have a Kindle device or app, you can get the book right here.
3. If you do not have a Nook or Kindle app or device, you can access several kinds of file types, including PDF, for any e-reader device or app you may have at by clicking here .


A growing experience that will surpass all others…

When Dr. Varkan is excluded from the coveted Regeneration Program at Oberon Innovations, he suspects foul play from his superiors. However, the discovery of genetic research of unknown origin gives him grandiose ideas of redemption. But at what cost?  Despite his best efforts to keep his endeavors secret, the project prematurely contaminates Varkan, the assisting Dr. Harcourt, and bystander nineteen-year-old intern Derek, causing their bodies to grow exponentially, as well as the stakes. Their hopes of getting a cure are dependent on keeping their genetic miracle out of the clutches of the government…and even closer enemies, in a race that will take more than a towering intellect to win. 



“I’ve read a lot of sci-fi and this one has it all – Romance for the ladies, action for the guys and very interesting science for any intellectuals among them. Teens or adults should be able to and enjoy this book. It has lots of funny and entertaining moments. Has many original themes about what being a giant would be like and what happens (both good and bad) when they try to integrate into society. For example, have you ever thought about what a relationship between a normal-size human and a giant would be like? This author has, and she is one to watch!!”

–Matthew Roberts, Warner Robins Air Logistic Center

“The choices the characters make and the ways they each respond to the power they possess will certainly give readers something to think about and may well spark conversations about the practical effects of being suddenly thrust into a position of greater status.”

— J.P. Stephens, Covenant Classical Christian School

“Greater Perspective is a giant-sized look at a brave new world … Read on and enlarge your view … ”

— Susan Sloate, Author, Forward to Camelot

“Wonderfully written and an entertaining read.  Keeps you rooting for the little guys, or ‘big guys’ in this case. I highly recommend you check this book out!”

— Ken Glasson, Mount Pleasant Town Council

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  1. paul kime says:

    howdy, i like what i see, just Googled ya this is paul from egt class in mt p

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